Features Included with your site

Below are some of the many features you will find on our Sync site.

Let Facebook Power your website

Want to add a new page to your website? Just make a post to Facebook. The Facebook Sync was designed to simplify your website maintenance so that you can easily update your website content.

We will update your website, add images, add SEO, and any special commands you have included can trigger other features.

Mobile optimized

Your customers will find you online at home, office, or on the go. All of our themes are mobile optimized. We have worked hard to meet all of Googles requirements and recommendations for a mobile optimized website.

Your site customized how you like it

We are proud to offer a site that is fast and easy to create and maintain. If you want to customize your site, you can.

You can add pages, customize your logo, pick themes, hide posts, add social links, and more.

Analytics you will love

We provide you with an admin panel that will give you insight into your desktop and mobile traffic.

You will be able to see the numbers of mobile calls, contact form requests, map clicks, and more.

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